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The Harriet Tubman Movement is an advocacy group dedicated to 
Helping people along the road to freedom.

Our commitment to clients and agencies is that we will help people at no charge, in a trauma-informed manner, with no bias or any form of discrimination, with Compassion, Integrity and Excellence.


The Harriet Tubman Movement serves people who have been subjected to sex trafficking, prostitution or other forms of exploitation.


We call them our ‘Stars’.

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What We Do

Step 1:

A "Star" is identified

Step 2:

Harriet Tubman Advocates are dispatched

Step 3:

A safety plan is executed

Step 4:

Long term goals are established

Step 5:

Star embarks towards freedom

In collaboration with agency partners, the Harriet Tubman Movement

  • Responds, in person when possible, to identification of a potential victim.

  • Assesses immediate safety and physical needs.

  • Provides emergency clothing, food and transportation to safety.

  • Helps Stars (clients) explore options for long-term restoration that meet their specific needs and desires, regardless of location.

  • Works with law enforcement, legal services, medical providers and others for case management.

  • Assists Stars with all steps toward long-term restoration goal including applications, interviews and transportation to long-term destination.

  • Other items as needed.

Our Business Partners

Business partnerships are essential to our work, and give exposure to those who support the Harriet Tubman Movement and stand again exploitation in our community.  Please click here to see our business supporters

Our Promises

For Stars

  • We listen

  • We do not require you to tell your story, nor will we repeat it without your permission

  • We make plans WITH you, not FOR you

  • We suggest options to meet your needs regardless of location

  • We provide guidance and advice based on our experience

  • We respect your privacy

  • We will encourage you to use your voice

  • We will walk the road with you as long as you need

  • We provide encouragement, provision and advocacy to pursue freedom

If you need help,

call or text our helpline at

408-909-SAFE (7233)

For Donors

  • ​We follow all rules of a 501c3 as
    set forth by the Ohio Attorney

  • We are responsible with all resources

  • We have careful oversight by our Board of Directors

  • We use integrity and care for all spending

  • We use resources in relationship-building and helping people along the road to freedom

For Service Providers

  • We collaborate with you and the client to provide a “victim-centered” plan

  • We are trained in trauma-informed care and have passed a background check

  • We assist as needed on case management activities

  • We research and recommend appropriate service providers regardless of location

  • We receive and respond to referrals in a timely manner

  • We maintain confidentiality

  • We share case notes as appropriate

  • We maintain open and honest communication

  • We do everything with compassion, integrity and excellence

For more information, call our office 440-321-5007

Your Donation Provides

Donations to the Harriet Tubman Movement provide for immediate needs such as food, shelter, and transportation to safety. Funds are also used for such items as medical and dental care and legal assistance to help Stars on their road to freedom.  Long term supplies and material needs for our Stars are provided directly by your donations.

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

- Harriet Tubman

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Contact Us
If you need help, please call or text our helpline at 408-909-SAFE (7233)

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Thank you for contacting us. Someone will email you back as soon as possible.  Please check your spam/junk folder in case!

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